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Akyab Muslims Welfare Australia Incorporated’s Plight

Akyab muslims welfare australia incorporated’s objective and purpose

To relieve the poverty, distress and disadvantage of the displaced ROHINGA MUSLIM population at the International Displaced Persons(IDPS) camps in Akyab (Sittway) and surrounding towns in Rakhine State, Myanmar


Rohingya muslims represent the largest percentage of muslims in myanmar, with the majority living in Rakhine State, Myanmar The Rohinga Muslim population from Rakhine State have been placed in the IDP (International Displaced Persons) camps at the outskirt of Sittwe (Akyab), the capital of Rakhine State after the religious attacks by extremist and ultra-nationalist groups in cooperation with the local-state and central government in june 2012.

Since then about 140,000 people have been displaced at IDP with no access to livelihood, education, medical treatment and work opportunity.

Their movement have also been restricted within the camp and outlying muslim villages in the outskirts of Sittwe.

The United Nations Reports entitled “Situation of human rights of Rohingy Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar” (29 June 2016), requested by the UN Human Rights Council in July 2015, documents a wide range of rights violations, including arbitrary deprivation of nationality, severe restrictions of freedom of movement, threats to life and security, denial of rights of health and education, forced laboursexual violence, and limitations to political rights.


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